Valentine’s Day Weekend

photo (6)What a month.  Or really even a few months at that.  I feel like I blinked and not only did December fly by but January as well.

And, while Iʻm usually the one in our relationship to be making plans and demanding adventures, our usual busy lives made busier by me came to a halt when December literally exhausted me and oh, I rediscovered how much I love Netflix.

So, while it hasnʻt been an excuse not to be here and writing, Iʻve been filling my down time with naps, leisurely evenings with my cats and ok, lots of Vampire Diaries.  My mind and body literally came to a screeching, screaming, train wreck halt and it Iʻve been enjoying a glorious few weeks soaking up nothingness.

With Valentineʻs Day just in, I have been thinking about home and how seriously amazing my mom is at celebrating every holiday.  Growing up, my mom never failed to disappoint (and still doesnʻt) with showering of gifts for every special day, including Valentineʻs Day.

So, as Valentineʻs Day approached last week (yes Iʻm a little late at to the game on posting but sorry Iʻm not sorry I was napping) I thought Iʻd brighten our week with one of my favorite Valentineʻs Day treats, my momʻs shortbread cookies.

I have fond memories of eating and decorating these cookies with my mom and sister, year after year.  So pulling out the butter and flour and topping it with festive powdered sugar icing, did not disappoint.

And, Daniel enjoyed the cookies all week long.  He blames me for eating four cookies a day while I just know that means he enjoyed my “Valentineʻs Week”
gift.  Cookies all day eʻry day.


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