Orchuterie: Orchid+Charcuterie


Charcuterie is the art of using every last piece of meat, allowing nothing to go to waste. And, Orchuterie, my play on the words, is the art of living life to its fullest, ensuring that no moment go to waste.

A Hawaii based lifestyle blog featuring food, travel, adventure and everything in between.

While I’ve learned and grown so much, especially over the last few years, I am continuing to discover new things about myself and who I want to be. As a want to do everything and be everything, creative bubble of energy, expressive writer, and social media geek it was only a natural next step for me to get on the “blogwagon.”

If you’re looking for inspiration, for support, for food recommendations or for a driven, opinionated, expressive friend, I hope you can find it in me here.

An Appetizer on Me:
Born in Hawaii, grew up all over, I have lived from coast to coast and made long lasting friends and memories everywhere I’ve been.

I’ve spent my time dabbling in Public Relations and Marketing and have discovered how much I love marketing hospitality.  With social media strategist expertise, web editing and design, database, search engine marketing and start-up experiences in my back pocket, I set out to get my master’s from Cornell a couple years ago and landed an amazing job in hospitality that I love.

And now for the fun facts about me…

I love pink. Bright, dark, vibrant pink and all the femininity it represents, I love it.

I always wanted to be a restaurant critic.  Eat, Write and Get food for free? Two words…yes please!!

I love gummy bears.  Any kind of cute little chewy bear is oh so irresistible to me. Bring me some and I’ll be your best friend.

I’d love to start my own restaurant, with a food truck that I can drive from beach to beach.

I like to do everything all the time.  So I dabble in a little of this and that.  See my newest project My Aloha Post.

I may be a slight hypochondria. Web MD? Oh don’t get me started…

I’m an entrepreneur. Think big, dream bigger.

Thank you for taking the time to read my site. Feel free to comment and share your ideas with me!