Waikiki Here We Come

2015-11-14 17.30.41

You guys, we have a two month old and we made it out of the house! We actually set out with my parents and took ourselves our first vacation. As you may have noticed we’re all for staycations, vacations, jetsetting, you name it (in fact, despite Jonah joining our clan we already have planned aRead more

Maui No Ka Oi

2015-07-17 19.07.29-1

Now that we’re “grounded” until Jonah gets a bit bigger I’ve slowly started to tick off those pesky projects that I’ve just never got around to (like picture storage organization ughh) in between feeding and taking care of baby.  And as we relax and I’m rediscovering what it’s like to have downtime while I’m onRead more

Spring has Sprung


Easter weekend came and went and now it’s back to the daily grind and the gorgeous, everyday is 80 weather. (Just saying, not complaining!) Last weekend we escaped the mundane “everyday is the same, every week blends into the next” with a quick getaway/extended Easter weekend in Portland with the Kam fam.  And, lucky forRead more

Take Me to Brewvana


99 bottles of beer on the wall 99 bottles of beer, take one down, pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall! I have never truly been a beer aficionado up until several years ago.  I was the girl in college that started off drinking Smirnoff Ice, who would play beer pong asRead more

Traveling to Bali: Alaya Ubud


Anyone who has traveled to Asia knows, there’s something  just magical about the service you experience at Asian hotels.  So special, that it’s hard to come by a similar experience in the United States. Think of  the exceptional service that you receive on an International Airline Carrier in comparison to most American airlines: Food? You betterRead more