Mochi Three Ways


For some people, starting the New Year means making a resolution.  To resolve to eat better, cook more, lose weight–travel to far off places or advance in our careers.  It’s a time to reflect on the year that passed and look forward to new adventures.  And in my household, it’s a time for mochi. SinceRead more

Whole 30- I did it!


I did it, I did it, I finished my Whole 30 challenge!  Thirty days of eating whole foods–no dairy, grains, soy, sugars or alcohol complete!  And, I can’t say it wasn’t just in the nick of time, with Thanksgiving right around the corner. It wasn’t a breeze, but I can’t tell you how good IRead more

Whole 30: Week 2 Recap


“I can tell you lost a little weight,” Daniel complimented me as we were driving in the car last week. “Really? Where?” I responded doubtful, truly not feeling all that different after taking the Whole 30 challenge for just over a week. “Hmm,” he debated as he looked at me carefully, “in your shoulders.” Ha! Great, exactly whereRead more