Do More of What you Love Doing


Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s already 2016, seriously where does time go?  I thought time flew when we were pregnant last year but once Jonah joined us I think the last few months flew by even faster.

Because resolutions are so easily broken, Daniel suggested to me last year that we set an intention for the year with a word or phrase to live each day by rather than a specific resolution.  For me in 2015 that word was “uncomfortable.”  I wanted to try to push myself outside of my comfort level.  And, having been pregnant most of the year and enjoyed the last few months with our new born son, I think I successfully achieved pushing my limits.  

And now, as we round the starting line of the New Year, I’m committing myself to a phrase that Daniel introduced to me a couple years ago in a note he wrote to me on my birthday.  “Do more of what you love doing.” 

For me that means spending time with the people I love, eating, and of course traveling.  I guess in the end I’m committing myself to 2016 being a really happy year, doing only the things and associating myself with only the people who truly bring me joy.  We already know 2016 is going to be a big year for us, with several big trips planned, a new gym in the works for Daniel, and a new home 2016 is already set to be a big year.

So, as I think about the year ahead of us, I’m committing to paper some of the adventures we’re hoping to have this year.  Because, somehow, committing them to paper always makes them more resolute, don’t you think?

  1. Japan: It’s in the works, a family trip to Japan.  We’re already starting to plan our itineraries and would love any suggestions if you are an avid Japan traveler!
  2. Korea:  We had a little tease of Korea on our 18 hour layover in Incheon in 2014 and so now that we’re in the neighborhood we’re hoping to get a real experience there.
  3. Greece: This one is somewhere I’ve been just dying to go for years.  Hoping that things come together for this trip 
  4. Molokai: It’s on my list to round out our island hopping adventures that Daniel and I have been on over the last couple years.

So cheers everyone to the start of another great year.  Hoping your first few days of the year have already been off to a good start.