Gobble Gobble

2015-11-26 11.20.15

I can’t believe Thanksgiving has already come and gone.  In fact, since Jonah was born I really don’t know where time has gone.  I swear it was just August…literally.

This Thanksgiving, we spent a really nice afternoon with Daniel’s family, enjoying Thanksgiving lunch, where I made my family’s favorite recipes for macaroni salad and homemade stuffing.  After lounging around we made our way across to the other side of the island for dinner with my side of the family.  

Let’s just say we were stuffed.  We made the mistake a few years ago of fully eating both meals but learned our lesson.  This year we paced ourselves a little better so we didn’t have to roll ourselves back into the car and home.  

We usually spend the weekend after Thanksgiving putting up Christmas Lights, decorating the house, and watching movies while enjoying jook.

Did you start of even finish your holiday shopping?  Being home this year on maternity I did WAY more shopping online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday than I ever had.  I’m proud to say I finished almost all of my gifts, not to mention found a few things here and there for myself! 

As the holidays roll around it has me starting to think about the traditions I’ve grown up enjoying with my family.  Let me just say that my mom is officially the best at every holiday.  Christmas at our house is always one to remember, not to mention every Valentine’s Day, Easter, Birthdays and Thanksgiving. She’s truly the best at making the holidays special.  And now with Jonah I’m starting to think about how to make sure to carry on the traditions.

Jonah’s usually so happy when we take pictures but he just wasn’t feeling his Indian hat we made for him that day.  And even though he’s crying I still just love this picture. It’s so real. (I just love these age blocks that we got from Etsy by the way.  I have been taking pictures of Jonah every week with them and I love how they include weeks, months, years and even grades so we can use them for years!)

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