Jonah’s Newborn Photos with Krystal


I knew before I gave birth that the one thing I wanted to make sure to do was to have newborn pictures taken of Jonah.  

And so for weeks I stared at this to-do, as it was on my before baby to-do list that I had, yup, seriously, had one of those. I painfully and well quite fittingly for a pregnant girl in her third trimester procrastinated. Because searching for a photographer that was within our budget and matched our style just did not sound as appealing as taking a nap or yeah…taking a nap.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was to find Krystal, and honestly how even more thrilled I was when she waltzed into our house a week after Jonah was born with her props and her friendly smile, making it as easy as possible for us to be able to capture pictures of Jonah while we were adjusting to being three, and somewhere between sleep deprived and zombie.

Krystal took her time and spent a good three hours with us and little Jonah even got a gold star as Krystal’s first newborn who didn’t cry or pee and poop all over her props.  He’s already our little overachiever.  I can’t even begin to chose just one picture or five or ten that I love that she took, and am looking forward to the next photo op for Krystal to capture again next.