Peek a Boo Halloween


It’s week seven of life with our wonderful Jonah and we’re finally getting ourselves out of the house! It has been more than exciting and the week has been jam packed with mini excursions including several trips to the mall (because there’s AC and we’re still in hurricane season so experiencing a really hot and sweaty Fall), mommy and baby dates to California Pizza Kitchen and a visit to the Waimanlao Pumpkin Patch!

This being Jonah’s first Halloween, I was itching to get him to the pumpkin patch for a mini photo shoot.  Trust me just getting us to the pumpkin patch was a huge success. It has been on my list of things to do for at least the last two weeks but sleep and the heat has gotten in the way of us actually going.

When the day finally came the babe was wide awake all morning, alert as ever in the car, and then as soon as we rolled into the parking lot of the pumpkin patch was fast asleep. Asleep! Ah, the life of a newborn baby.

Oh well, at least Mommy and Daddy got a few pics and got to see the sunflowers, the highlight of our trip. Despite my best efforts to wake him by unswaddling him, he remained fast asleep.

As you can see, the pumpkin patch, which mind you is so different from the ones in the mainland where the pumpkins were actually grown on the farm, was totally wiped out.  IMG_8267

All that was left was all of maybe 20 mini pumpkins.  But, they were perfect for Jonah’s size.  Next year when he’s a little older I’m sure the visit to the pumpkin patch will be a little more about him and what he wants to do but this year it was more about us and getting pictures of him!

Daniel and I have been discussing what Jonah would be for Halloween for at least the last several months.

With some time in the middle of the night, I finally got around to putting together his costume.  Thank god for fabric glue because with a newborn who has time for sewing?

Presenting our little sushi roll.  Daniel wants to be a sushi chef and he wants me to be something else complimentary (the soy sauce?) but the thought of trying to go out somewhere crazy and crowded with a newborn on literally one of the worst traffic days on the island does not sound like any fun at all to me.  So, for now, we’ll mull over if we really go anywhere while we play dress up with Jonah.

FullSizeRender 6

He started off really alert. But as you can see, he was soon tired of our sushi dress up game.  By the way, how amazing are felt sushi in the photo with him?  We found it at this weekend’s Season’s Best Craft Fair at the Izzy and Luke booth. It’s made by this cute Etsy shop called The Felter’s Market. Three cheers for play food! SWOON!

FullSizeRender 8

Wait for it…
FullSizeRender 5

And he’s done.FullSizeRender 7

And every kid has to be a pumpkin at one time or another right?  I figure I might as well take advantage of the years when I get to chose what he wants because it may end up being super heroes and scary masks that he’ll want to wear one day over the cute outfits I’m choosing for him.

FullSizeRender 4

Happy Halloween!