Welcome Bae

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Hello Fall of 2015, Hello October?

OH EM Gee. Really? Is it really October? Oh man, I can’t believe it’s October.  The year has just flown by already. It feels like not even a year ago that Daniel and I enjoyed a trip back to Oregon to relax at Cape Kiwanda or that we ventured off to Hawai’i Island in the Spring to celebrate our 2nd anniversary.  Maybe time has gotten away form me because it seems that the years are starting to fly by faster and faster or because it’s truly been a busy year, but somehow I think the main culprit may have been because I was pregnant.  

All year, we’ve been counting week by week, focused on spending time together before baby, moving into a new area before baby, traveling together before baby, busy bringing in 30 (yup, before baby) and then…BAM we’re parents!IMG_7785

On September 8, two and a half weeks before my due date, our son Jonah surprised us and came into the world.  Everyone told me that with your first you’re always late.  And I was counting on it.  Just that night as I drifted off to sleep I held my belly and whispered, ” don’t come yet OK? Hold on at least one more week so that we’re truly ready for you.”  And like we always do, we had plans, because let’s be honest I always have plans.  My mom was coming in two days to help prepare for baby, we had baby showers planned with my family that upcoming weekend and reservations for one last hotel stay.  In fact, Daniel and I even agreed that while he should probably start driving me to work that week I could easily drive myself to work a few more days (phew good thing I didn’t!).

My water broke in the middle of the night, 3:30 am to be exact. I must’ve just got up for what was my usual second or third trip to the bathroom when I stirred again feeling as if I just might have peed. (But knowing of course that I didn’t.) “No, that cannot be my water breaking, it’s not time yet.”  

Daniel’s face was priceless when I told him I thought my water broke.  I was lying there debating on if I should wake him up or not when he surprised me because he was already up too. “What’s wrong?” he asked.  When I told him my water broke his jaw dropped and his eyes grew so wide.  ” Are you sure you didn’t just pee?”  

I guess subconsciously we must’ve known that he was on his way.  We spent the previous long weekend trying to finish up and prepare baby things that we’d been putting off–which was basically everything because I don’t know about you but who really knows what being ready for baby really means?  Nevertheless, we put a sheet on the crib, which was previously being used as a storage space, finished packing our hospital bags, and Daniel made sure the car seat base was installed correctly in the car.  

Before you knew it we were off to the hospital and checked in at the ER. (Although for the record, we did take our time. I took a shower, we made a full omelette and bacon breakfast, took out the trash, fed the cats, and even went to the post office!) 

And then 11 hours later after being induced into labor, missing out on the epidural because the anesthesiologist was stuck in a C-section, and a type of pain that you can really only understand if you’ve been there and done that, we welcomed our son Jonah into the world.  It was such a whirlwind that in fact my doctor missed the whole thing!  In fact, the on call doctor almost missed the big event, as he barely had time to wash his hands and prepare before our son was ready to make his grand appearance. I know, sounds like a scene from a movie.  But trust me, there was no dreamy background music going on, just the sound of screams scaring all the moms in labor (oh wait was that me?).IMG_7798

Daniel once told me, “Do more of what you love doing.”  Now that Jonah has arrived I feel like I’ve released a creative plug, so to speak. One that has been blocking my flow all year long.  And, I’m ready, Jonah allowing, to do more of what I love doing.  

So along with our newest addition say hello to the newest section of Orchuterie, dedicated to this new chapter in our lives.